Recipe control

For e-liquids, CBD oils, food and cosmetics

In order to meet our high demands in liquid production, we use only the most modern control technology. The Liquidmaster 4K is a joint development with a market-leading company in the field of recipe and production control, which ensures reliable production. The system enables tracking of every unit produced and ensures maximum process reliability. Basic substances such as carrier oils, glycerine or glycols, hazardous substances such as nicotine (pure nicotine) and manual components such as flavours are easily processed by the LM4K. The container to be filled is clearly identified and filled automatically. Thanks to the software used and the high-precision scales, all processes are recorded and processed for traceability.

The fully automatic documentation includes the order-specific data, a detailed listing of the ingredients of the recipe and the associated batch information, the time of filling, the person filling and compliance with tolerance limits. The automatically recorded data can be retrieved at any time and form the cornerstone of a clean track-and-trace system.

Optionally, downstream process steps such as mixing, degassing, resting time and filling can be included in the documentation via RFID chips.


  • Precise filling through state-of-the-art control technology
  • Recipe planning: orders can be created in the office and processed by the production system
  • Automated filling: time savings through integration in the filling process
  • Hygiene: No cleaning necessary
  • Logging of the process: batch tracing and track'n'trace
  • Error analysis: Time, place, person and quantity related control
  • Simplicity: Even complex mixing processes are easy to execute
  • Cross-process documentation


Machine output (water as reference)

25 kg per minute

How accurate

Hand dosage 1 gr

Automatic components  

Carrier oil 5 gr

Hazardous substances 0.5 gr

Energy demand

220 V

Pneumatic pressure

6 bar


Filling: Height x Length x Depth: 180.90cm x 120.31cm x 90.35cm

IBC Carrier: Height x Length x Depth: 90.90cm x 102.31cm x 125.35cm


The statutory warranty period of one year applies (assuming use in accordance with the instructions).

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