Pod and cartridge filling line

For e-liquids, CBD oils, food and cosmetics

Fully automatic pod and cartridge monoblocks are equipped with Delta robotics components to enable a particularly high processing speed of filigree small parts. The focus of this system is on pre-assembly of the individual parts with simultaneous filling and sealing of the pod. Sophisticated sensor technology controls the closure and filling quantity to ensure perfect, leak-proof end products.

  • Easy installation (plug and play) - low installation costs
  • Good visibility and accessibility
  • Cleanroom-optimised compact design with low space requirement
  • Hygienic design for safe production and easy cleaning
  • Fully automatic robotics with magnetic conveyor belts
  • Special parts feed with sorting unit
  • Automatic packing by Delta robots
  • Automatic filling (2-3, peristaltic, piston or gear pumps)
  • Automatic attachment and tightening of the cap
  • Automatic closing of the lids
  • Automatic labelling or printing function
  • Parts presence check
  • Shutter control┬á
  • Label/Print Presence Control
  • Filling quantity control



Machine output
  • 0.1-2 ml 3000 - 5000 pieces per hour
  • Filling precision 0.5% (water as reference medium)
  • Three different individual hardware components
Energy demand

220 V

Pneumatic pressure

6 bar


Length x width x height: 4,277.51 x 2,200.45 x 1220.55 cm


The statutory warranty period of one year applies (assuming use in accordance with the instructions).

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