Banding machine

For e-liquids, CBD oils, food and cosmetics

Our banding machine is a downstream secondary packaging machine. The module can be operated in-line or as a stand-alone system. system. Individually packed boxes can be bundled into handy packs of 5 and 10 with this system. If required If required, these packs can be stacked up to five layers by the system, which are then output as multipacks. When the In-Line system system is operated together with the Easy Cartoner, no additional staff are required for operation. If the banding machine is operated as a stand-alone solution, an additional employee is required.

  • Easy installation (plug and play) - low installation costs
  • Good visibility and accessibility
  • Cleanroom-optimised compact design with low space requirement
  • Hygienic design for safe production and easy cleaning
  • High working safety due to complete enclosure with light barriers
  • Fully automatic
  • Special box feeder with buffer and sorter
  • Automatic banding
  • Automatic stacking
  • Automatic secondary banding
  • Automatic output of the multipacks
  • Printing of batch, EAN, and best before date on the banderole


  • No re-picking
  • No picking errors
  • Uniform appearance of the output
  • Saves repackaging costs
  • Low demand for employees


Speed (10ml box for reference)
  • Feed clock 3 Sec
  • 5x5 products in 60 sec
  • 10x5 products in 120 sec
Change speed

Conversion from 5 pack to 10 pack - 5 minutes

Energy demand

220 V

Pneumatic pressure

6 bar


Length x width x height: 200.31 x 100.35 x 160.90 cm


The statutory warranty period of one year applies (assuming use in accordance with the instructions).

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